I enjoy writing articles or presenting posters dealing with developments in the clinical research field.
It goes without saying that I would never make public, any confidential information or data related to the projects or clients I work on/for.
Primarily, the developments come from the Dutch or EU clinical trials setting, and this explains why some of the articles are in Dutch..
These articles or posters are ‘Open Access’.
I welcome any comments or suggestions on the topics discussed.

Articles in English

  • 2015. EU Trial Review Changes from Reg 536/2014: The Netherlands. Applied Clinical Trials Online. download
  • 2014. First anniversary of the Dutch free e-learning module ‘Onderzoekswijs’. CRfocus. download
  • 2013. Free-to-Use eLearning Modules. Applied Clinical Trials Online. download
  • 2008. GCP training and certification of research professionals in The Netherlands. CRAdvisor. download
  • 2005. Implementing the EU Directive Update from the Netherlands. CRFocus. download

Poster Presentations in English

  • 2014. A Leaner and More Proportionate Approach to Reporting Risks in Clinical Trials. European Federation of Good Clinical Practice. download
  • 2009. ICRs eLearning Module ‘ICH GCP for Investigators’ – a pilot study. Institute of Clinical Research Conference and Exhibition. download
  • 2009. Training Dutch Academic Investigators – status update and future plans. Institute of Clinical Research Conference and Exhibition. download
  • 2008. Communicating A Negative Trial Outcome – A Dutch RCT Using Probiotics In Severe Acute Pancreatitis. Institute of Clinical Research Conference and Exhibition. download

Presentation ACTRIS

  • 2020. What is ACTRIS? download (plus see the separate page on this website)

Articles in Dutch

  • 2020. Veranderingen op komst door Europese Medische Hulpmiddelen Verordening – Meer klinisch bewijs over veiligheid en prestatie. link
  • 2015. Regeldruk bij patiëntgebonden onderzoek. Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde. download
  • 2013. Raakvlakken tussen Good Clinical Practice en kwaliteitsmanagement principes uit ISO 9001:2008, (h)erkenning kan voordelen bieden. Fiagnostiek. download
  • 2007. Meten is weten. Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Researchverpleegkundigen. download