ACTRIS – basic introduction

RBM tool Agile reporting in Clinical Trials ACTRIS

18-June-2020; Lots of information is here to be read about this new agile product. I am sure that a live demonstration / walk through can add even more and make it a true experience. Feel free to reach out and I gladly will accommodate this.


Over the past few years working primarily as a CRA and Project Manager, I have come to realize that some scenario’s and team interactions can be improved, so to make team work more efficient and enjoyable. The relatively new Risk Based Monitoring approach, the risk-adapted tips for project management as a whole, and the availability of new technologies have certainly added to this.

I have been part of many teams, each working following its own procedures. The substantial experiences gained, were used to create/build ACTRIS.

Apart from the current RBM approaches already in use by many – with many ‘remote’ activities – the future will consist of even more ‘Distributed Work’. This is an ideal territory/habitat for ACTRIS. How to keep all team members informed and involved in risk-based approaches leading to higher data quality, and better data integrity? How to keep on top of things?

SIC now can offer ACTRIS as Software-as-a-Service, as an annual subscription. A Service Level Agreement will be in place, taking into account a fit-for-purpose solution to my clients.

See next page, and/or see the stand-alone presentation I made in a MindMap:

ACTRIS Presentation (an HTML file opens in a new tab in your browser).

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