ACTRIS – what can it mean to you / do for you?

To be brief; a lot. And this is without exaggeration. Let’s embrace technology, and use it to the benefit of all in the project.

ACTRIS is workflow based. As such an ‘issue’ (this could be any type of issue, a risk, a potential risk, a protocol deviation, it could even be a decision or a new item for which you want to track if training is done) is created and followed/actioned on, with comments and supportive documents added along the way.

ACTRIS can be linked to a QMS, and to an external CAPA system (and even integrate the CAPA Plans) although it is not the primary repository for keeping (TMF) files or for ‘trial data’. (Trial data are on source documents and from there end up on the eCRF.)

ACTRIS will assist in diminishing e-mailing, but relies on e-mailing when it gets to receiving alerts and reports. By using ACTRIS, teams will have all in one place, and each action is kept on the extensive audit trail.

The reporting is fabulous, at any moment any team member can see what items are open to work on, what to delegate, what to escalate..

Please use the following pages alongside the ACTRIS Presentation to review examples and scenario’s, taken from real life work on project teams.

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