Future Assignments

NEWS on 25 March 2020: The COVID-19 pandemic, without doubt, will bring about quite a few changes. One of my current assignments will need extension, another will only start with a delay (June 2020).

Should you need my consultancy; I do have room on my agenda.

I consider myself an entrepreneur, and thus I always pay attention to future developments. I also try to keep a list of projects ‘in the pipeline’, for future consideration. This is Business Development at work. To name a few:

  • ACTRIS is a newly developed application that aims at risks and issues management, decision making, to integrate into reporting by using hyperlinks to the specific issue. It currently is operational with one of my clients, as an extended service. A demo version is available for testing purposes.
  • the way that the open source eCRF software LibreClinica (LC) can be employed by small and even large groups of investigators, remains attractive. Not only for its rather low operational costs. Since a few years, I partner with an independent data manager / LC expert, to offer LC in conjunction with central monitoring services. Recently LC was offered in two Requests for Proposals (one is a phase I, the other a phase IV)