Location & Security


My home office was purposely built in 2010. It is separate from my home, but at the same address.

From my home office, located in Almere, quite central in the Netherlands, nearly all major cities in the country can be reached within a 1.75 hr drive. Especially during rush hours, public transport offers a good alternative.
Schiphol International Airport is a 40-minute drive away, or 45 minutes by train.



At SIC, your data and files are safe at all times. 
Over the last few years, the following set-up has shown to be effective to this end. Some characteristics have been simplified for reason of explanation.

– No cloud-based services are used for file storage
– USB storage devices (used both at my office and ‘on the road’) are only used for temporary storage/transfer and are securely wiped directly after use
– My email servers automatically choose the best available encryption method possible for any connection
– I back up emails from my email server to local storage at least once per week
– To protect against HDD failure, a RAID 1 array is in place where possible
– A full backup to a to an external HDD is made every 4 weeks. This HDD is encrypted using a combination of AES-256 and Blowfish, and is stored at an off-site location
– All data on my laptop PC is encrypted using BitLocker
– I make sure all software used is up-to-date
– Confidential data is never stored on my smartphone
– Passwords are stored in KeePass, which is a program that stores passwords in an encrypted database
– Paper records: a secure waste paper policy is in place for any printed confidential material, such as drafted reports