Future Assignments

NEWS on 06 May 2015: (due to a phase I trial ending sooner than anticipated (successful recruitment!)), I have availability to take on a new assignment/project. Two days a week I can offer. Please contact me if you have interest.

Not only because I consider myself an entrepreneur, I feel a need to pay attention to future developments. I also try to keep a list of projects ‘in the pipeline’, for future consideration. This is Business Development at work.

  • the way that the open source eCRF software OpenClinica can be employed by small and even large groups of investigators, remains attractive. Since a few years, I partner with an independent data manager / OC expert, to offer OC in conjunction with central monitoring services. This collaboration recently (summer 2014) entered a third ‘phase’, with our services contracted to a Dutch group of specialists investigating a hormonal treatment in a post-marketing setting, a so-called non-interventional study
  • with another independent service provider, Certu B.V. – an expert in the field of ICT-, I am currently starting a collaboration to build (and market!) a risk-driven tool to manage findings/issues in clinical trial settings. This we think could be a very useful tool to teams working on trials following the rather new monitoring approach/paradigm; risk-based monitoring. There will be an announcement out soon.