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In the Netherlands, the Central Committee on Research Involving Human Subjects (CCMO) oversees the operations of accredited Ethics Committees (ECs) (e.g. the approval of appointed EC members, their training requirements and ensuring implementation of adequate quality control measures). The CCMO is also responsible for keeping track of all clinical trial applications reviewed in the Netherlands since 1999. 

This register adds to the transparency for all involved, and any person with slightly more knowledge than a layman could quite easily find particular trials (active or non-active) matching an indication of their interest.

The CCMO website is available in English as well.

It contains lots of information on what to submit to which body, and how.

I am a member of the following organisations:  –  Association of Clinical Research Professionals  –  The Institute of Clinical Research –  Dutch Association for Research Quality Assurance  –  European Federation of Good Clinical Practice

In addition, the following two sites offer good information and training.  –  The Journal of Clinical Research & GCP.  This is a great (and free) resource for all.  –  A training company in the United Kingdom. I especially like their GCP Challenges and newsletters.